Head in the Clouds

To this day, I remember my first deep thought about God. It happened one afternoon when I was about 6 or so. I was playing on one of those awesome summer days in Southern Indiana. The sun was shining, I was sweaty from running around in our yard, and I had laid down to catch my breath. The grass was cooler than the air, and the sky was filled with big fluffy clouds.
(not Indiana but a pic I took today near my Wyoming home)

I looked up and thought about the bigness of the world and how could God keep track of it all. I had no affection for Christ at this time in my life, but I was drawn to thoughts of things other than my little self.

I had similar thoughts today as I drove home. The sun was shining, I had a lot on my mind, and then it all went silent as I peered through the windshield at the clouds. I pulled over and took the pic above. I was compelled to. I couldn't help but return to that 6 year old thought.

God is huge. I am not.
He is sovereign.
I am not.
He is good.
I am not. He is full of grace I am not.

He is all I need..... Forever and Amen

(As I pulled into the drive I took these pics.) What a joy to be constantly reminded of my smallness. Bright sunshine on one side and rain/snow clouds on the other.

Lord, help me to see my smallness compared to you. Help me to never stray too far from you. Help me to enjoy you now and forever. I'm a mess most often and too easily wrapped up in work or distracted by other things. Keep the clouds rolling in my view and keep my head in those clouds where thoughts of you reign.