Joy of Remembering

During a trip to Estes Park, I had the joy of sharing a very special spot with my whole family and some friends. It’s a place of great change and contemplation for me. A place where God had met with me on many occasions. A place where I take the time to sit and listen, instead of always talking.... weird I know:) For me, it is a place of remembering.

It was here that 9 years ago, I felt confidence in the calling on my life to preach the word. Being a pastor had gotten tough and I wasn’t sure if I should continue, but this spot is where God began to shape my mind heal my heart.

Years later, after moving to Wyoming, I was back in this place. I took the same route high along Elk trails beside the Alluvial Fan in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It seemed appropriate to follow the tradition of Old Testament men to build a monument to remember what God had done in my life. This place of confidence was now only two hours away from my new home and a place I vowed to return to often.....and eventually share with my children.

That came to fruition in the last week of June. Our friends from Ohio came to visit and we took them to the Fan. After playing around the rocks and in the water, we started the steep hike up to “my spot”. My rocks were still stacked in that place, and I immediately felt a sense of awe at how faithful God is to help me remember. Amber, Eli, and Savannah all added a rock. I was kinda overwhelmed and didn’t realize how special of a moment this was, until looking at the pictures later. The place I had spent hours praying for my wife and my kids was now a place they had actually touched.

I seek out this place each time we go to the park to remember. To remember God is good. That he speaks to me. That he loves me. That he will never let go of me. That his leading is more important that my own understanding. That he desires to meet me in the quiet. That my family is a gift and I have a joyful responsibility to lead and protect them.

Where or what do you do to remember God’s goodness? Do you have a “spot”? Maybe you should seek one out?

My prayer as a pastor is for all to have the confidence that God loves them no matter what, but sometimes we need a little help to remember.